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CDP Team Exectations

Updated 2/2/18

Team Dynamics & Mindset

  • I am willing to play any position my team needs!

  • You are not necessarily going to play the position you wrote down as “your position” for tryouts.

  • I trust that my coach is putting me in a position to succeed, develop and showcase my skills.

  • I will be my best regardless of what team, position, or tournament I am playing in.

  • I love to work on my lacrosse skills and athletics outside of practice.

  • I am focused on being the best teammate I can be vs. focused on me.

  • I hold myself accountable and care about my team’s success.

  • I am enthusiastic, invested and trustworthy.

  • I always give maximum effort!

  • I understand my body language & energy affects those around me.


What is the CDP Commitment?

As a CDP member, you are expected to attend all mandatory events and tournaments for your grad year as well as Lax Maniax Training Days and Local Practices.



Playing for a LaxManiax CDP team is not only a commitment to attend mandatory events and tournaments, but also to attend local practices. Local practices are mandatory and it is expected that players will make any and all necessary efforts to attend. If for some reason an athlete is unable to attend a local practice due to a school conflict or family emergency, it is expected that she will  reach out to the regional director and her team coach for her region to explain the situation.

Players are allowed 2 no call/no shows at practice. Once a player exceeds 2 unexcused absences she runs the risk of being reduced to a guest membership or losing her roster spot to a waitlisted player.

Solo Travel:

Lax Maniax CDP members are expected to be able to travel in a mature and courteous manner.  

This includes:

  • Using appropriate communication with coaches and interns.

  • Being respectful and having courteous behavior in hotels.

  • You are expected to be on time.

  • Understanding how to eat and hydrate properly while away from home.

  • As a solo traveler are expected to stay with the group.

  • You are not permitted to leave the hotel without your team or coaches.

  • You are expected to understand your surroundings and act in a manner appropriate to your environment.

  • You are responsible for keeping track of your belongings for the duration of the trip.

  • Remember, when you travel with Maniax (and anytime you are wearing Maniax gear) you are a representative of the club. Your behavior and attitude should be one that will reflect positively on your team.