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LaxManiax Policies and Procedures

Updated 8/2/18



Payment for your Lax Maniax Season:
  1. Pay In Full:  If you choose to pay in full for your Lax Maniax Season you can complete that payment online in your SportsEngine account under registration.



  1. Payment Plan:   If you choose a payment plan for your Lax Maniax Season, it is broken down will be broken down into payments.   Payment plans will be paid through your SportsEngine account. Please note all payments MUST BE COMPLETED before the season begins.

**Financial aid may be available for families that qualify. Application is required immediately after membership bids are released. For an application or more information, refer back to invitation email or contact

  1. College Development Program (CDP) players are expected to participate in all mandatory events.  CDP registration packages must be paid prior to participation in your first event unless arranged before the payment deadline.  Failure to pay prior to events may lead to being moved to a guest player role.

  2. A roster spot will not be held for a tournament with an email or word alone.  You are registered for an event or tournament only after we have received your payment.

  3. If you do not attend the tournament/event, you will forfeit the entire payment, unless a recent injury (with documentation) prohibits participation.

  4. Payment Plans are available for the CDP registration packages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once EVENTS are full or deadlines have passed, they are closed! No EXCEPTIONS, do not wait until the deadlines, as the optional tournaments fill up QUICKLY!  Events will be posted online and emailed to members. There will be descriptions of each event with registration deadlines.

  • Once you select an event or program to participate in, your deposit is non-refundable.

  • A player WILL NOT be able to participate until final payment is received. If you do not make the DUE date for your final payment, the player’s spot will NOT be guaranteed. If there is a wait list, the spot will be offered to someone else, and you will forfeit your deposit.

  • There will be a 1x allowance for an extenuating circumstance where your entire deposit, (minus a $50.00 administrative fee) will be applied or credited toward a future registration fee.

  1. Many club communications will occur through distribution emails and the sportsengine communication platform. Make sure you are registered on Sportsengine and are receiving both team information and regional information.  If you change your email address, please notify us immediately and update your sportsengine profile. We will communicate updates, registrations, conference calls, and other club events via email, sportsengine and/or SportsRecruit accounts.  Staying on top of communications is an important way to maximize your membership and be on top of the club processes. We will also host a “parent/player” meeting to go over travel procedures, recruiting, summer schedule, and answer any questions you may have. You will be notified via email of the meeting date.  

  2. All uncommitted HS players have a SportsRecruits account.  It is a powerful tool which should be leveraged to your advantage.  To do so you should attend all web seminars and conferences offered through the staff as well as use their staff for troubleshooting.  It is each player’s responsibility to follow our Lax Maniax Recruiting System. Parents should set up the account so that they receive notifications regarding communications between club coaches, your player, and/or college coaches.   We encourage every family to create a Lax Maniax Binder to print all emails. It is the “players” club so we expect the players to be proactive and read all the emails with their parents. The experience is ultimately the player’s responsibility.

There are 2 methods of travel:
  1. SOLO- When you register and pay to travel solo, Lax Maniax coaches and staff take care of your travel and supervision of the player, once they have arrived to the tournament location.  We will secure all travel needs except the flight and/or transportation TO the event city.  You must book your player’s flight or organize a ride for your solo traveler.  For some events, there are chaperoned flights and/or van transportation available.   If you would like your child to be on a chaperoned flight/escorted, information will be provided and you will HAVE to book them on the flights that will have staff available. Otherwise, we will give you a time frame to arrive at the destination and we will pick you up from the airport. NOTE: If you pick a flight that DOES NOT arrive during the allot time slots, it will be your responsibility to find transportation to the hotel. If your flight is delayed, you will need to contact us so we can arrange pick up. It will be your responsibility to have the director’s phone numbers on you and to keep in touch if you are NOT on a chaperoned flight. Once on site, the only money Solo’s will need is for food and tournament merchandise.

  2. SOLO Travel Fee - Registration for SOLO travel must be completed by the deadline listed in your email and online.  We cannot guarantee a solo travel spot otherwise. Payments are made online through your SportsEngine account. Payments must be made in full for the solo fee prior to the tournament.

  3. Any Lax Maniax Solo travelers (including MAT Bus Tour) prohibited from bringing any type of smoking or vape device on a Lax Maniax Trip.  This includes a smoking/vape device that includes or does not include nicotine. Any player found with a vape or smoking device will be sent home immediately.  Lax Maniax players found with anything illegal will be sent home immediately.

**Solo travel method is available for out-of-state tournaments ONLY.

  1. Buddy-Parent - When you travel “Buddy-Parent” You choose to travel with your parent or a friend’s parent who is solely responsible for you. You arrange your entire travel (flight, housing accommodations, and ground transportation etc).  It is your responsibility to stick to the team’s schedule. You will be required to be at practices, tournament games, team activities, and team meetings ON TIME. If you do not stick to this, your playing time will be affected. While we hope the Buddy/Parent option can help you to save money on your trip, please be aware during our tournament dates, this is NOT the time to partake in Family travel or vacation. Please do so AFTER or BEFORE the EVENT, but NOT during the event.

  • Players are required to bring all LaxManiax gear to every event (this includes all issued items).  Players must have their pinny at all events. If you are required to wear a pinny during a game where college coaches are present and do not have your pinny, you will be required to borrow one. As your pinny number is crucial in identifying you, wearing a different number is not in your best interest.

  • Practices: You are required to wear your Lax Maniax pinney at all practices.



  • Players will be expected to show up to trainings, practices and competitions on time.

  • 1 hour before the first scheduled game and 30 minutes before each subsequent game, players should be in full uniform and prepared to warm-up at that time.

  • Equal playing time is not guaranteed for every member, although it is a high priority and every player will play extensively. Policy violations such as missing mandatory events, practices and poor sportsmanship will affect playing time and can lead to tournament/club expulsion.

  • Playing on another “local club” team is not permitted for CDP players at mandatory events. You must play with your CDP team for all recruiting events.  Make sure to talk to your local director BEFORE you agree to play with another team at non-mandatory event. This is to ensure that we give the players best opportunity to be recruited while playing on the most competitive team.

  • Players must understand that winning is not the most important priority.

  • We will not discuss playing time with parents. This is a responsibility of the player and will be handled/discussed in a player to coach conversation.

  • No player may leave the tournament early. Any such action may result in limited playing time at the next tournament.

  • Players are expected to pick up, not only their trash, but other’s trash as well.

  • Players are expected to help set up and break down our team areas.

  • Players are expected to get adequate amounts of sleep, as well as be fully hydrated and eating healthy foods.

  • Players will be expected to represent Lax Maniax with class and consideration, including on and off-field activities, as well as on social media, and including all forms of electronic communication.

  • Players who disrespect or talk back to coaches or referees will be immediately removed from the game/practice/training/event, policy violations will affect playing time and can lead to tournament/club expulsion.

  • Abusive, obscene or profane language from players will not be tolerated, and will affect playing time and can lead to tournament/club expulsion.

  • Players are expected to treat other people’s property with respect and should keep all areas clean at all times (hotel, vans, team area, etc).


  • Are expected to encourage their child’s skill development and practice attendance.

  • Are expected to encourage their child to play by the rules.

  • Are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules set forth by US Lacrosse, Tournament Directors, and LaxManiax Directors.

  • Abusive, obscene or profane language from parents will not be tolerated, and can lead to tournament and club expulsion.

  • Parents must understand that winning is not our most important priority.

  • Parents should NOT coach from the sideline. EVER.

  • Parents and/or family members are to NEVER address any LaxManiax coach, personnel, and/or administration through abusive or profane language, gestures, or emails. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate dismissal of player and family from the club.

  • Parents and our team spectators must stand on opposite side of our bench.

  • It is expected that parents will never address players or coaches from another team in a demeaning or negative way.  

  • If you feel another team is negative or derogatory towards our players, parents are expected to report this to the on site Lax Maniax director, in person, in a timely manner.

  • Players should be picked up promptly following practice. NO late pickups, please.

  • Parents are required to defer to Owner/Directors for all decisions regarding members, coaching strategy, team organization, or tournament structure.

  • Please contact local Coach/Area Director first with any questions or concerns. If they are unable to assist you, then go to the Club Director with your question or concern.

  • In order to participate in any Lax Maniax program, player and parents must complete and sign all necessary documents and be paid in full prior to the event.

***VIOLATION of any of the above rules and expectations MAY result in immediate expulsion from the Club.***

  • If you are a CDP Team Member, all local practices, CDP Trainings and Maniax Days are MANDATORY as well as any mandatory events outline in your schedule. Unexcused missed practices WILL result in limited playing time for CDP members.

  • Attendance will be taken at all practices and events.  Missing practices or mandatory events will be reflected in playing time or may move you to a guest player status.

  • If you are going to miss any mandatory event (including practice) for any reason, you are expected to contact your area director beforehand to communicate your absence.

  • If you are a Middle School or Select Member, we expect you to attend every practice and LaxManiax Days, as well as any required tournaments.  Optional tournament options require participation if you have registered for an optional tournament.

  • is included in you membership package.

  • is our recruiting hub.  Players should be using this platform for communications with college programs.  Players should be in communications, via platform, with between 15-30 school's.

  • Beginning in your riser year (summer between 8th and 9th grade) families need to log in and populate their site and become familiar with favoriting schools.  They should begin discussing schools as a family.

  • Players must include D1, D2, and D3 school's on their list.

  • Players need to work their recruiting system - get familiar with SportsRecruits.

  • Player must email college coaches using the Lax Maniax email outline at least 7 days prior to each tournament, with their team schedule.

  • Players must follow up the week after their tournaments to communicate with coaches their best half or game and must cc the recruiting directors on this email.

  • Families need to be conscientious that colleges are not only recruiting their daughter but also the whole family package.  

  • Players/Parents will not demand that Lax Maniax staff contact college coaches on their behalf.

  • We do not guarantee that you will be seen by any college coaches, you must do the work to communicate with coaches by following NCAA rules.

  • Scholarships for athletics or academics are cannot be guaranteed.