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Welcome to the LaxManiax Rockstar Recruiting Course! The goal of this course is to take you step-by-step through the recruiting process and demystify the collegiate recruiting world for players and their families! We've been working hard for the last 13 years to teach families the ins and outs of getting recruited to play at the next level and have compiled what we've learned here! Our hope is that you will use the tools and resources here to help you on your journey to finding your BEST FIT for college lacrosse!


Introduction and What to Expect (Video 0:00)

[Parent Content] What We Will and Won't Do For Your Daughter (Video 0:00)

Download your recruiting checklist.

Module 1: Who Can Play College Lacrosse And What Does It Take?

Who Can Play College Lacrosse? (Video 0:00)

"Coach, Do You Think I'm Good Enough To Play For __________ ?" (Video 0:00)

What's Your Why? (Video 0:00)

[Player Assignment] What's Your Why? (File 000 KB)

Athlete Continuum | Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want To Go (Video 0:00)

Module 2: What Makes A Great College Lacrosse Player?

Speed of Hands, Speed of Body, Speed of Mind | The Avatar of An Elite Player Moving Towards The Pink Box (Video 0:00)

Pyramid Model


How Often Do You Ask For Feedback? (Video 0:00) 

[Player Assignment] Self-Assessment v. Coach Assessment (File 000 KB)

Becoming The Complete Player | Strengthening Your Strengths AND Your Focus Points (Video 0:00)

Module 3: Building Your List

What's Important to You? | Putting First Things First (Video 0:00)

Building Your College Recruiting List 101 | The SLAAP (File 85KB)

[Player Assignment] SLAAP and Working List (Google Doc)

[Parent Assignment] F.L.A.P.

Broad Is Better (Video 0:00)

Why We Don't Want To Hear About Division Yet (Video 0:00) - Myths and Differences In Divisions

Checklist: Preparing For Your First Meeting With Your Recruiting Coordinator (File 000KB)

Module 4: Communication With College Coaches

What College Coaches Can and Can't Do (Video 0:00)



Videos - Full Game vs Highlight Reel and Tips

Sports Recruits/Connect Lax 

Grandmother Rule

Put a Person In Front Of Them

Important Dates

Module 5: Narrowing Down Your List

When To Shrink/Expand Your List (Video 0:00)

Where Should I Take My Official Visits? (Video 0:00)

Questions To Ask After September 1st/On Your Visit (File 000KB)

I'm Ready To Commit | Next Steps Checklist (File 000KB)

Module 6: Once You've Committed

Committed Academy | Becoming The Best Player You Can Be (Video 0:00)

Never Stop Learning | Additional Training and Playing Opportunities (File 000KB)

You Are A Role Model To The Younger Players. Use This As An Opportunity To Hone Your Leadership Skills.

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